Vessel Agency

James Mackintosh Agency Division represents Ship Owners, Managers, Operators and Charterers from across the world. We provide 24 -hour assistance and information on all aspects of cargo operations, repairs, surveys and bunkering.

Our company’s presence at all Indian ports enables us to provide our clients with the same level of professional expertise across India.

We are focused on fast and efficient vessel turn-around and offer the following range of services:

Charterer's Agents

Charterer's agents

  • Co-ordination between Vessel, Ship Owners, Charterers, Receivers, Shippers etc.
  • Handling port formalities for ship's movements.
  • Handling Customs, Immigration, Port Health formalities.
  • Arranging conversion / reversion of vessels by customs from foreign to coastal run & vice - versa including duty payments / refunds and obtaining coastal license from DGS.
  • Appointment of surveyors for cargo quality and quantity determination & stevedores.
  • Attending to customs notices for cargo losses on behalf of Charterers.
  • Professional advice for any difficulties or claims that may arise during vessel stay or cargo transportation.
Owner's Agents

Owner's agents

  • To primarily ensure Vessel’s / Owner’s interests are protected.
  • Assisting the Master in the smooth functioning of the vessel at the Port which includes liaising with the Port authorities, Customs & Immigration personnel, Surveyors, Indian Dock Labour Safety Officers, Underwater Diving Companies, Ship Chandlers etc.
  • Arranging for electrical and mechanical workshops in case of any repairs on the vessel.
  • Arranging for airport clearance of spare parts from worldwide vendors and delivering them to the vessel.
  • Crew signing on and off.
  • Handling cash to master.
  • Meeting ship's requirements for bunkers, fresh water, provisions, stores, any survey attendance etc.
  • Daily reporting of the vessel operations, weather conditions, vessels special requirements.
  • Appointing surveyors for cargo sampling and conducting Initial and final draft surveys ( at the request of the Owners / Vessel Managers).
ISO Tanks

ISO Tanks

James Mackintosh are agents for Bulkhaul Limited, UK, who are a distinguished market leader in ISO tank transportation. Our understanding of the market enables us to provide a level of service, safety and quality that is second to none.

Our company has offices at most Indian ports with well experienced staff that can ensure and assist in servicing all your needs in liquid transportation.